The Concept behind CoHo: Understanding the Spirit of Coworking

Welcome to CoHo, where your work-life balance awaits.

At CoHo, we embrace the spirit of co-working as a entrepreneurial alternative to the prioritizing
of the past, which placed business above family, and vice-versa. At CoHo, we are redesigning
the way entrepreneurs balance their families and businesses, by offering drop-in childcare, in
addition to a clean, comfortable, and contemporary workspace.

But what is co-working?

Co-working is an increasingly popular movement, ever-growing on a global scale. Co-working
encompasses a common working space where individuals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs of all
aims and ambitions can create, collaborate, and network.

Whether yours is a start-up company or a well-established name around town, co-working
spaces, like CoHo, do not discriminate. After all, your start-up company could soon join the
roster of those established names around town… around the country… or maybe even around
the world.

Case in point? Instagram. That’s right. Conspiring together in a co-working space, Instagram
developers Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom created the app in roughly two months.

Co-working spaces like CoHo provide an opportunity for you to rub elbows with other people in
your community who are committed to creativity, innovation, and fresh ideas. No matter the
differences between your businesses or ambitions, CoHo coworkers are bound by a common
denominator: they are all endeavoring to make something happen. You know, like Uber --
another jewel in the coworking crown.

Dedicating some of your efforts in a dedicated co-working space like CoHo offers you exposure,
connections, and organic networking that could help put your business on the map or, at least,
put you in touch with the missing link you need to make your idea shine even brighter.


Of course, our inspiration to create CoHo was, in part, motivated to address a challenge shared
by entrepreneurs and young professionals: childcare. In 2018, we’re no longer choosing
whether to grow our families or our businesses. We’re negotiating the demands of both every
single day.

CoHo applauds these efforts and celebrates the concentrated focus it takes to manage this
growth successfully. That’s why our drop-in childcare is integral to our co-working space. We
want to see our working moms and dads realize their dreams while inspiring their kids to
discover theirs.

Kristin Hardwick