Features Overview

Located at 52 Nashua Street, in beautiful Milford NH, we have a three story building with plenty of space, and plenty of parking.

We know you need high speed wifi, as well as space to work and focus. We also are bringing you white boards, coffee, and of course, on site childcare to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. Curious what else?


Private Office - $699

A private place to grow your empire, perfect for those who need privacy in order to focus, tackle to-do lists, and make it all happen. Lockable, fully furnished, featuring high-speed internet, make this office yours by adding your logo to the door for brand visibility. 

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Designated Desk - $399

A designated desk membership provides you with a surface of your own in CoHo's shared surroundings. Rooted in the collaborative landscape of the CoHo community, your designated desk is the perfect spot to grow your business.

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Open Seating - $99-$199

Cozy up on the couch or chat at a table with your fellow movers and shakers while working on your next big thing. Realizing your dreams means serious business, which is why CoHo is the destination to focus and collaborate. 


On Site Kids Area

Because it's hard to focus when you're worried about your kids needs. We want both your business and your family to succeed, which is why we'll be offering on site kids area.



Conference and A/V Rooms

We know you need a space to pitch that next big client, and you might want to create your next podcast here. We're including the technology and space to do both.

Event Space

Whether you want to host your own workshop, art show, or just attend one of the many we have planned, this is your space to do so. Invite your clients, your friends, or anyone you like. 


Ready to JOIN?

Click the link below to join as a free Community Member, or reserve your personal seat now. Space is limited and desks are available on a first come, first serve basis!